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Suo(Su-o): in one’s rightful place
Unassuming designs and curated attire.

For the ebbs and flows of time.


Created to represent the changing times of fashion fluidity. Gender neutral clothing and accessories for all to embrace their inner selves. Forms and materials inspired by Singapore’s urban landscape and Asian cultures. Curating one’s rightful place for all audiences.

Classical renditions in contemporary forms. In basic and eclectic palettes.

In house designed articles and prints right at home in Singapore.

Suo came to fruition June of 2020; with a bespoke tailoring team, we were inspired in the hubbub of all that was chaos to create pieces to represent the current and past generational trends through time. We believe adornments are more than what we wear. It is a memory, a feeling, and a piece of time encapsulated.


The latin word for Suo means to sew/stitch, but when placed with other words to form a phrase, it means in one’s rightful place. The core & versatility of such a simple word was the perfect fit for what our brand stands to be. Latin as an old word significance and the ambiguous Asian pronunciation to present our Asian heritage.

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